Zero data loss, full privacy



The debate for CCTV and personal data security has been around for quite some time and our awareness of this issue increased over time as more and more visual data services are implemented in our daily life.

PriMa service developed by PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY filter, encode and put masking on the visual data that are collected from CCTV and other visual data collection devices. PriMa was first designed to hide any personal or sensitive data that are irrelevant to a certain legal investigation. And now, it provides a powerful encoding method to keep the visual data securely and yet have them available in case of investigation.

PriMa provides a feature to set an object of your interest so the specific data can be searched and/or masked per given circumstances. Precision on human body outline recognition prevents any data loss on the environment data and collects motion on the specified objects such as human bodies.  PriMa also gives you the flexibility to select a specific object to be permanently masked (hidden) or encoded for further usage while ensuring data security.

PriMa by PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY is the best visual data masking solution available.


  • Masking solution for in-video data
  • Personal data (i.e. face, ID, etc.) protection with powerful encoding mechanism


  • Worker Safety monitoring
  • Medical staff & patient safety monitoring
  • Foot traffic analysis
  • Crime prevention in public spaces


  • Tag on objects to monitor and masking feature
  • Minimizes data loss through the precise spacing of the objects to mask
  • Motion recognition
  • Powerful encoding algorithm for data security