Vision Plus

Road AI

The most comprehensive recognition system



Recognition of various metadata such as vehicle type, shape, number, and speed


Car license plate data collection

Vision Plus Road AI is an automobile number plate recognition service using a deep-learning algorithm and geometric transformation method.

Vision Plus Road AI service uses PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY’s own tech that expands image recognition rate unlike any other technology has done before and minimizes the data loss & blind spot to increase flexibility in camera location settings.
Furthermore, Vision Plus Road AI allows you to read not only the plate number but also model, shape, speed – various meta data about the object of your interest. With this scalability in data collection, you can better manage and control traffic, parking space availability, and building security.


  • Car plate number recognition
  • Moving speed, direction recognition
  • Car model, manufacturer


  • Security control at parking lots, premises.
  • Traffic monitoring on smart highways (or any other roads with PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY AI built-in camera)
  • Street safety control


  • Improved deep-learning algorithm
  • Revolutionary accuracy & precision  compared to the existing number plate recognition system
  • Flexible installation settings for image collection devices (i.e. CCTC, etc.)


  • Edge
  • Server


  • Hanwha Vision P-series AI Camera
  •  NVIDIA Edge Jetson Orin NX 8GB/16GB, AGX 32GB/64GB